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  • Android TV BOX
    Android TV BOX

    Android tv box, a new generation of set-top box, with full open platform like smart phones, android based operating system. Users can install a varity of applications by themselves . Provide more affordable smart TV solutions, more entertainment and education solution for home users.


    OTT hybrid STB is needed to deliver both terrestrial DTV and IPTV requirements. With the winning combination that addresses the various components of the streaming landscape like the resolution, video code, container format,standard protocol,and the networking interface.Hybrid STB involves very little modification to the existing IPTV STB and hardly escalates the cost.

  • Mini PC
    Mini PC

    A mobile terminal can be connected with HDMI interface of display device. Characterized by small volume, convenient operation, 1080p output, etc. An IT product for family entertainment, business office and technology enthusiasts.

  • HDMI TV Dongle/Sticker
    HDMI TV Dongle/Sticker

    With a HDMI interface, the shape is similar to U disk. Insert it into the TV's HDMI interface, an ordinary TV will become a SMART TV. See the movies and surf the Internet, play games, listen to music, etc. In a word, the combination of HDMI TV Dongle and TV, matching a mouse and keyboard, it is a tablet with large-screen.